One Day

By David Nicholls

Paperback, 435 pages
Published July 1st 2011 by Hodder & Stoughton (first published September 24th 2006)
ISBN: 1444724584 (ISBN13: 9781444724585)
Read from November 26 to December 10, 2011
Dear Em and Dex,

Please tell me, what a true love is?
Coz i can’t bear to read about how you both live in lies and denials for more than 10 years

Does it supposed to be like that? a true love?
Make you live in despair, trying to keep your love one closed, though you know you don’t belong?
What’s that all about?

Why it has to be that way, Em?
Why don’t you realize that you are worth enough, even when Dex had told you how gorgeous you are, thousands of times?
Why’d you have to wait for many years to come up with your great work and then you let him in?
Why, oh why on earth that you could be so stubborn and skeptical about your potentials, Em?

And Dex,
Oh yeah, you!!
You’re a cheater!!
You definitely are!!
Why don’t you have the guts to tell her you love her in your peak time?
Why’d you have to brag about how many girls and women you can have just by the charm of yourself, not mentioning your career..
You said that she’s gorgeous but you don’t show her that she’s worth enough to be the only one
And yet, you can’t stand to stay away from her, can’t you, Dex?
And there it goes.. the fall of your life..
And to her you’d run..
*bang Dex’s head*

And what’s with the ending?
Some kind of love story..
A true one, indeed..


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