Perfect Match

what would you do if someone you care is being hurt?

what would you do to know not one single thing in the world could keep them safe?
not even the law that Nina Frost juggling around for the last seven years as a prosecutor
hundreds of cases reported but only twenty goes to trial and 12 among them being sentenced guilty with a very less punishment

seven years
it’s the enough amount of time to understand that child molestation has never been an easy case
let alone, it is her dearest five year old son who’d been mute after being anally rape
it’s enough reasons for her to pull a trigger and shot the suspect she 100% believes had hurt her son, Nathaniel

would you do such an impulsive thing in the name of love?
coz you don’t believe in justice?
or is it just because you don’t believe in yourself to protect the ones you love?

the phrase ‘perfect match’ makes Nina drowned even more
would she be the one in jail for the murder?
what will happen to Nathaniel and her husband, Caleb?
would her childhood best friend, Patrick, defend her without hesitation cause he secretly in love with her?

once again, Picoult’s words can turn my emotion up side down
love the twists she brought in this story
while i’m being aware enough, molestation had never been easy for anyone involves in it

bought it in discounted price at Times Bookstore, Citos, 25th March 2011


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