i read this book after The Pact by Jody Picoult
Uhm… kind a bit amazed by the coincidence that these two intriguing books tell me about two families living across the street and their conflicts caused by the love story between their children..

But this one more simple, though..
The story of a delusional Juli falls in to the idea of Bryce
As also in The Pact, the story comes from different perspectives
Both surprisingly succeed brought giggles, frowns, eyes rolled, and some tears that just won’t drop..

Makes you wanna say, ” O, please Juli.. Get yourself together.. Bryce isn’t that awesome.. “
But then also makes you wanna bang Bryce’s head for being so shallow in judging people just about the surfaces

How a sycamore tree felling can have such an emotional breakdown. The given eggs, the stories of each other family..
Oh well, this is a very sweet and nice novel
Me like it..

see this Goodreads review


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