in the mood

I’m in the mood for a walk
To have the time to sing the songs I heard on the radio
To lighten up my mind along the singing
To have the sensational feeling of having my own world along the singing

I’m in the mood for a walk
To learn that there are so many things in life I should give gratitude for
That im able to move my feet for the walk
Able to see the night lights
To notice the varieties of people on the street
Hear the crowd of the traffic
Feel the breeze of the wind
Smell the polluted air
To be a survival in an absurd jungle so called Jakarta

I’m in the mood for a walk
To have some thoughts
Thoughts about how my life has been so far
Thoughts about how I ended up at the place I am now
Thoughts about the things and people that made me having the thoughts I thought, now..
Thoughts of you..
Well, at that thought, i stop a while and smile..
I’m DEFINITELY in the mood for a walk..

wednesday June18, nearly 7pm
right after Mak Dana offered me a ride..
No offense, Ma’ was just me, whose having the mood for a walk..


5 thoughts on “in the mood

  1. kalo gwe senantiasa selalu pengen nyanyiin inih buat some1 yg masi bermuka tanda tanya…: “i’m in the mood for love.. simply because your near me.. Funny but when you near me.. i’m in the mood for LOVE”arrrgghh.. bu kenapa dakuw ndak sembuh2 inih ‘demamnya’.. kekekekekek.. demam apaan pula dakuw…

  2. sweetdhee said: minum susu anget, pasti cepet sembuh, Put…hehehehhehe…(sekalianPromosi.Com)

    Wedewww situ jualan susu yg bs menyrmbuhkan demam?? ckckckc… mutu produknya bersaing sekaliiyy.. hihihihi…. gw nyari yg produk kedelai or kacang hijau gt ada tak?

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